How to gain muscle weight?

Alright I have been having issues with this my whole life. I have tried time and time again years and years nothing has worked. Right now I weigh 180 about 25% Body fat. I would like to reach about 200lbs at 20% body fat or lower. How should I achieve my goal? I know eat a lot of protein add more calories for the "bulking up" stage, but how should my workouts be? Is working out six times a day too much...With 2 days for chest and arms, 2 days for back and shoulders, and 2 days for legs?

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According to conventional wisdom you can not build muscle and loose fat at the same time. Building muscle requires a surplus of calories and loosing fat requires a deficit of calories. Last year I did manage to build about 18 lbs of muscle while loosing 5 lbs of fat though.

Body builders usually train in phases. They eat a lot of calories when they are bulking their muscles up then after the are built they go on a diet to loose fat and get "cut" and "ripped"

I'm a big fan of an exercise program called HIT or High Intensity Training. The idea behind this method is quality rather than quantity. You do one very difficult intense set rather than multiple less demanding sets. In my experience this is the most effective training regimen though to tell the truth I did have some joint problems lifting as heavy weight as HIT training demanded.

I'm not sure how advanced a weight trainer you are. If you are just starting out just lift 3 days/week and hit all the muscle groups. After several months of doing that you can switch to alternating different muscle groups and lifting 6 days/week. When you are trying to loose fat add some cardio after your weight training session.

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no its fine if the days for the same groups arent back to back... if you eat a lot of protein and calorie intake you will "bulk up" but your body fat will increase with it... not a lot but abit... to drop that you have to eat abit less calories then what you burn each day (not to much) and just do a lot of cardio and exercises on the areas you want to loose fatty cells (stomach, shoulders... ect...)

My suggestion is to reduce your body fat % to just abit lower then what you want first before bulking up, that way your lungs will be stronger and help bulk you up faster.

How can I gain weight?

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