How to distinguish true scene kid from fake?

N’ their clothes

Answer #1

some one who calls themself scene is a total poser and wannabee!!! and you have no right to b saying bad things about scene kids saying they are fake!!! they can dress, talk be whoever they want to b without losers like you giving them s**t bout it!!!

Answer #2

Well if they dress, talk and act like they WANT to, then fair enough. I’m sure there are quite a few people out there who don’t consider themselves ‘scene’ and just happen to like the same things. But I’m talking about the majority, who are always going on about how weird and unique they are and constantly trying to get everyone to look at them and give them attention. Of course they’re fake. Why else have they all suddenly, mysteriously only just started dressing and acting like that because it’s the new fad? Most of them were ‘emo’ not long ago, when that was cool. And they’ll be something else in a year or so, when scene isn’t fashionable anymore.

Answer #3

Hahaha, all scene kids are fake. They act in certain ways to try and make people think they’re ‘crazy’ or weird, and they dress the way they do to try and be original and unique, despite the fact they look and act exactly the same as every other scene kid, and nothing they’re doing hasn’t already been done before. Hourglassoflosttime got it, but I’d also like to add, they then go and try to group themselves in with other subcultures. They’ll say things like “what are some scene/emo/goth bands?” or “where can I get emo/punk/scene clothes?” - as if they have anything at all in common with goth or punk!

Answer #4

All scene fashions are fake All scene is are the fashions form different subcultures, genre’s, without having any interest or relating to the genre or culture itself. A lot of scene seem to like to play on Goth, Emo, or even Punk with their own twist. It’s kind of insulting really.

Answer #5

scene is a style so I dont know how a style can be fake.

Answer #6

Some of these “scene” kids are considered fake. Some do just style,and dress themselves that way cause its a trend. But I have to say, it’s not all scene kids. Some of the people are actually scene, and obviously they won’t say it themselves despite from being called “fake” or “poser.” Thing is, its SOME. SOME are fake, SOME are real. Scene is a trend, people should really stop hating on it. If some scene kids are mean, self centered, let them be. It only looks bad on them, but then again its not all scene kids. Yes, some things they wear are ridiculous, and useless, but the real ones wear it for fun, cause it brings you back to fun and all that shit.

Answer #7

I read some of these comments and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry. Obviously once someone else has thought of something remotely original, and other people pick up on that, they want to be just then so they can claim to be unique. All of these so called “scene kids” have the same hair, with the classic “I look like I’m sixteen but dress like a four year old” bow, with shirts usually with some kind of alternative band on the front, or robots, dinosaurs, and all of that kiddy shit people call originality. If you can buy it in a store, that doesn’t make you special. Most scenefags have myspaces that they fill with pretten propaganda, and rant on about how they’re going to become a photographer and yadayada. Seriously, it’s all a joke. Nerdy glasses with no lenses, really? Grow up and actually be yourself for once, but good luck finding an identity in this fucked up world of advertisement and brainwash.

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