What do you think about scene kids?

that’s why all scene kids are fake…I just don’t wanna be fake…I know that I try to be scene…but don’t wanna bbe fake or poser…

Answer #1

im not going to say I am scene because that would make me look like a poser but that is what I am being called these days. And who are u;s to go and say sht bout them. Thye rpeople and can dress, speak act however they want. Would you judge someone beacuse of what race they r , what sexuallity?? no because that would b wrong so it should b the same for scene/ emo kids, SHOW SOME F**ING RESECT PEOPLE

Answer #2

I think they look sooo stupid. they should at least try to dress normal. some scene kids are real nice, but most are mean. and some scene styles suit the kids!

Answer #3

theyre striving for attention, poor sods

Answer #4

I think its an overrated sterotype and the scene fad will die down soon

Answer #5

Scene is actually a style from Tokyo Japan (Harajuku) just toned down a bit to match the metal style we have today. &Punk came from England. I personally don’t really like some scene because of the annoyance I get when I see the SAME EXACT PICTURES ON DIFFERENT WEBSITES OF DIFFERENT PEOPLE. There are fakes and posers all overrr. I don’t really like Scene because they try to look Asian or like the Anime people if you guys havn’t noticed. They try to make cute faces in the camera with those fake Asian eyes filled with eyeliners. They love HelloKitty :P They try to be as skinny as possible. & they put ribbons in there hair to try to look cute when really, they look scary and deep inside, they are sluts. I’m somewhat against them but then again, it’s just a styleee. Most people think that Scene have to have white faces…not true. In fact, have you noticed Japanese/Asian people have wayyy paler skin than others? Some Asians are tan but tan is pretty.

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