Scene kids

Are all scene girls uber skinny? I have no interest in being one(though they do have cool hair) But when I went looking for awesome hair syles, all the girls were emaciated looking. Are they all like that?

Answer #1

no but because scene is an attention seekiing style majority of them are vain and majority of them are self conciouse about there weight as well thinking there fat when there not so they loose weight either because they think there fat or because they just want to be skinny like “everyone else” they see

Answer #2

ha. I’m not a “scene” kid but I often get labled as one cause of my hair. but I know a lot of them and most of them are NOT that skinny. they’re average weight and short.

Answer #3

Most of the well known famous ones unfortunately!!

They’re most likely helped a lot by airbrushing and Photoshop etc. and their massive hair would make their bodies look smaller!

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