emo or scene kid

ok im really confused because people sometimes call me and my mate amy emos but then someone else calls us scene kids but I av no idea which one we are ahhh help please

Answer #1

scene is like a person with no friends who wears lots of black, relly shy and doesnt talk…kinda like creepy. emo is like the same thing exept for the cutting your self thing.

Answer #2

well I don’t no if your dp is really old then I can not see what you look like to decide if you are either but it is not good to lable anyway..!

Answer #3

Neither,… |: I mean, you’re both pretty and all, but I dont understand how anyone could consider you emo/scene. And if that pic’s so old, shouldn’t you put up a new one? Otherwise, how are people supposed to answer?

Answer #4

In your profile picture, you look like neither Who cares what people think you are? Dont worry about fitting into a group…its just not cool. Just be yourself…even if others believe you belong to a group.

Answer #5

also, they don’t have to be shy and quiet. A lot are very loud and out spoken people.

Answer #6

“blaquediamondz” is incorrect Emo and scene kids are very opposite. but any way…

Answer #7

itz a really old pic lol

Answer #8

blaquediamondz doesn’t know what the hell they’re talking about AT ALL so don’t listen to them. Those are what we call LIES/RUMORS… NOT truth. I wouldn’t worry about fitting into stereotypes. As long as you and your friends are being yuorself, that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter what others think. True friends/lovers would be able to accept you as you are so if they have an issue with you or say stupid stuff about your style, they’re not worth your time.

Answer #9

scene and emo are completly different things, and half the things people say about them arent even true. made up lies

Answer #10

blaquediamondz, That is so wrong, thats all lies, steriotypes

People need to get there story straight

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