How do I get into the fashion industry?

I’m sick of my Boring hell life and want an exciting one! I am sooo0 ready for it. Well, Not right away but soon. I’m almost into college and finishing up my GED and want to be a fashion designer and hopefully work along by Rachel Zoe’s Side. What are the first Few steps I have to take?? I Also sew- I only repair clothing for myself so far, I don’t actually ‘Make’ anything at the moment for my room isn’t suitable for it and neither is the rest of my house. Everything and everyone is just too noisy and rowdy and I’d like a peaceful place. Anyway, So what are the Steps on getting to were Rachel Zoe got? What Do I have to do to sell my designs and get popular as her? Problem is My college has nothing and no class on sewing or design. . . Any Good Site I can trust to help me through??

Thanks so much!

Answer #1

I believe you got me Completely WRONG. I want to be a Fashion Designer AND work by Rachels’ Side.

I know She’s a Stylist. I would be happy to be a stylist also. You can at least be Kind about it OR DON’T WRITE AT ALL Because its not Helpful!!

Answer #2

rachel zoe is a fashion stylist not a designer… they’re two completely different careers..

if you want to break into the fashion industry then at least know what you’re talking about..

Answer #3


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