how can I eat healthy?

how can I eat healthy?

Answer #1

-Not eating out so much -Eating plenty of vegetables during lunch and dinner -Eating a healthy breakfast -Cut down on junk food -Don’t drink so much soda -Drink plenty of water but not to much water -Eating healthier snacks

The list goes on.

Answer #2

switch soda drinks or fruit juice for water, vitamin water, or real fruit juice don’t drink energy drinks unless your running a marathon or exercising a lot cut out a lot of junk food but treat yourself every now and then try not to eat too many things like chips dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate eat at least 2-4 fruits and veggies every day brown rice is good for you avocadoes contain “good fats” ect make sure you don’t skip meals or anything to have a healthy body you need to feed it, and drink water you’ll also need to exercise to be healthy though because your diet alone wont change much if you don’t exercise

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