Is eating orange healthy?

Eating orange help me to lose weight?And issit healthy?How many calories are there in an orange?

Answer #1

o_- yes sad. people are so worried about their weight that they’re worried about the calories in an orange? my opinion. whatever. x]

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Now I want an orange. brb That was good but a little messy.

60-65 calories of vitamin C goodness.

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so sad…

Answer #5

yess they are healthy and have many vitamins.

Answer #6

Not sad… don’t be mean. Oranges are very healthy, full of vitamins especially vitamin C. They will help you loose weight if you eat them instead of cakes, chocolate etc - that’s all.

Answer #7

Oranges are very healthy. And they are so good. I like to slice them up and put them in the freezer for a while and then eat them. But FYI, oranges are higher in sugar than some of the other fruits. That may be what you were asking about. But believe me, they are better than a candy bar. Hm…now I want an orange. :)

Answer #8

An orange is a negative energy food. which means it take more calories o digest an orange then you get from one. so you actually lose calories by eating it as well as getting plenty of vitamin C. negative energy food are the key to losing weight. they help you feel full while adding no calories to your diet,

the same cant be said for orange juice. A whole orange only has this property

Answer #9

I dont know.. lol @ comment above me. the best way to lose weight is sheer excersice and great/better eating habits.

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