Am I eating healthy enough?

On a regular week day:

Breakfast: bowl of raisin bran crunch with skim milk

Lunch: turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with one slice of provolone cheese

Dinner: baked chicken with either broccoli and a potato or plain yams with dressing

Snack few hours after dinner: small yellow apple

I drink water throughout the day and nothing else. I eat the same way on weekends, except I have an orange midday. I will not TOUCH fast food, only subway SOMETIMES. So, am I eating healthy enough and about how many calories am I consuming per day?

Thankies. :)

Answer #1

your eating very healthy but its okay to go outside the box. I dont really know why you would ask this question, really… its pretty obvious your eating fine… ahaha.. not enough calories probably. :)xoxo–sav&&shania

Answer #2

It’s better than most, but the rasin bran crunch is not healthy at all. You might consider substituting boiled/poached eggs for that.

Answer #3

sounds ok to me, but more subway!!!

Answer #4

Your eating healthy, I wouldn’t worry, there is a good chance you might not be getting ENOUGH calories actually.

Answer #5

that sounds superrr healthy…way healthier than me ;) I don’t know the exact calories you are consuming…but I know its not to much…it should be normal…or maybe under…but don’t quote me on that… but yes..that sounds verryyy good :)

Answer #6

You are a very healty eater.

Answer #7

yep sounds very healthy to me.

Answer #8

wow, haha I eat exactly dee same well expect thee dinner part juss eat cereal again

buhh thatss sooper healthy(:

Answer #9

That sounds healthy to me.Why did you ask any way? I mean if your fat that is if you are,you should go to the gym at least two times a week like say you could go on monday and friday or whatever day.

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