How or Who Can Help Me Get My Singing Career Started?

I LOVE to sing, and I have been told I am AMAZING (not to brag) . But I am turning 15 in February, and if I don’t do something about it soon, then I might not get a chance in life to do this. My dream! And also, I am trying so hard to persue this goal. I will do anything and everything to make this happen. So if anyone out there knows something or someone who will help.. please. HELP!?

Answer #1

Like halls ?

and WOAH. Really ? was she like SUPA famous? LOL.

Answer #2

Cough candys help with your voice. whem my mom was famous She started by joining everything she could that involved sining. then she made a cd had concerts. bla bla bla the end

Answer #3

make your own songs, gather up money, make a demo CD and then find people to sponsor you Send copies of your demo CD to music companies, such as the ones that sponsor your favorite bands That’s what I’m going to be doing(as soon as I write some songs I like) I’m hoping a friend of mine( he’s a band) can help me with the music so I don’t have to pay extra for musicians to play. I also have to whip my voice back in shape since I’ll be singing symphonic metal That’s another thing, KEEP YOUR VOICE IN SHAPE AT ALL TIMES but DON’T over work it. make sure you do go on voice rest from time to time Another thing you can do is try singing at karake places(then again, not sure if you’ll be able to since you’re only 15). There’s this one down here in FL in which people come from ALL over to sing because you’ve music labiles and talent scouts up there almost all the time so I hear. Once I get over my stage fright(I can still sing, just not as well as I do off stage), I’m headed there myself ^_^

Answer #4

Thanks. Yah, that is a HUGE ONE. My voice was better before, but then I got this cold thing, and it ruined it. But it is restoring. But that is REALLY helpful. Yah, at my school, apperently A LOT of talent scouts come here. We had to aud. to get into my school, so agents are always at our performances.

But do you know, that if I put up some things on youtube, can they just be things that showcase my voice even though that is not the music I’d want to perform/do?

OH, and how Do I help my voice get better?

Answer #5

Sure, will do. I have a youtube channel, I should start using it ;]

Answer #6

Put some videos on YouTube, see what other people besides friends/family think of you.

Answer #7

um go to singing lessons, lol. I don’t know um start singing in your community and school and stuff. audtion for things. I don’t know where you liove but in Toronto they have an opening for Audtions for Canadain idol. Good luck! :)

Answer #8

Lol. Thanks. I live in Toronto, and I already basically take singing lessons, but That is my goal. Canadian Idol. Lol. My friendsand I are going, but thanks.

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