Can a 17 year old move out in Texas?

Is it legal for 17 year old to move out of the parent’s house in Texas?

Answer #1

Check your state laws, some you can legally emancipate yourself.

Answer #2

Legally, you must be the ‘age of majority’ for your state (usually 18) or become emancipated:

Emancipation refers to the point at which a child is free from parental control.

Emancipation may be the result of a voluntary agreement between the parents and child, or it may be implied from their acts and ongoing conduct. For example, a child who leaves her parents’ home and becomes ENTIRELY SELF-SUPPORTING without their objection is considered emancipated, while a child who goes to stay with a friend or relative and gets a part-time job is not. Emancipation may also occur when a minor child marries or enters the military.

In order to become emancipated you must be able to answer the above questions and be self supporting which means:

  • Have a job
  • Live in home or apartment
  • pay bills

Contact the Court office or a Professional Attorney in your immediate area for further assistance.

I wish you the best !!

Answer #3

If there’s any kind of danger, it should,at least, be up for discussion. Male or Female, freedom of speech is allowed. I think a seventeen year old should be allowed to argue that question, without being afraid to speak!!

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