how often do you have to clean a bearded dragons cage?

I am buying a male bearded dragon and id like to know if they are easy to take care of and how often you should clean their cage

Answer #1

it depends on the age if you have a lot of stuff in it then kinda and if it is a big cage then once a week.

Answer #2

My uncle keeps a bearded dragon and he cleans the cage once a month. And he only removes uneaten food and straightens things up. To deal with feces (waste) he simply puts ‘’Spike’’ in the bathtub with a very small amount of room temperature water (just enough to touch his belly when standing) He will crap in the water. Just drain the dirty water out when hes done and give him a little rinse. Make sure you dry him off good so he can warm back up. Do this twice a week (or every 3 days) and his cage will stay nice and clean, with no strong smells either.

He is very friendly and tolerant, and will actually ride on shoulders. He likes his cage to be about 70-80 degrees(f). Feeding him is easy. Go to a pet store and ask someone there. They will know better about diet than me.

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