bearded dragon depressed

I have a male and female bearded dragons, they have lived in the same cage since they were tiny babies. they are now almost two so I decided to divide the cage so they do not breed yet and so the female is able to eat ect, because he is a bit more dominate. Well my female is doing very well, now my male seems depressed and hasnt eaten as much as he usually does. What should I do?

Answer #1

he isnt sick he is actually very healthy. And yeah I think he misses her but I have been told that they dont realy care for each other, they just tolerate one another to mate. if thats the case why does it seem they miss each other lol.

Answer #2

How do you know if its sick or not? I wasnt aware youre a vetrinarian, so you must know why youre lizard is depressed then, mr.vetrinarian. Plus it cant be depressed, lizards don’t have emotions. PWN3D.

Answer #3

My bearded dragon seemed the same way, just sat there day and night. He could be sick, as mine was. Mine died, so thank god they’re cheap.

Answer #4

ok then. your male bearded dragon may feel less dominent, less powerful. so put them together. but maybe feed them at different times. or seperate them when feeding. and put them back in together :)

Answer #5

Awww the poor thing is lonely for his friend.

Answer #6

Oh that’s lovely. Oops my kid died ah well i’ll just get another one

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