Bearded Dragon Care?

How Do I Take Care Of A Bearded Dragon? Im Getting A Baby From My Friend Soon, And I Need Basic Instructions. Is It Like Taking Care Of An Iguana?

Answer #1

you also need a vitamin d3 supplement, either buy the liquid uvb, or get a uvb light, this helps them to absorb the calcium.

Answer #2

Not Yet Im Going To Talk My Dad Into It. :] I’ve Always Wanted A Bearded Dragon. And I Thought Reptiles Only Got As Big As There Environment. o-e;; Because Inguanas Can Get Up To 6 Feet And I Had Mine For Years In Only 2 Cage Changes.

Answer #3

The wikipedia page on the bearded dragon as a pet has a lot of information that you will find useful:

My question is, do your parents know that you’re bringing a giant reptile into their house? While it’s true that they’re very small as babies, bearded dragons can reach lengths of 2 feet.

Answer #4

ok you need a heat pad for the bottom of the cage. a heat lamp. you need to feed him three times a day. crickets twice and lettuce once in the morning. also it is very important that you put powdered calcium on his crickets. if he doesn’t get this he looses his ability to walk. this has happened to my dragon. I have had a dragon for three years. take him outside, they like that. clean his cage when your nose tells you. ohh and spray his nose with a little bit of water so he can lick it off. they don’t drink from bowls of water and that drys up pretty quickly.

Answer #5

I Understand This. :p I Have A Lot Of Reptile Aquariums., I Dont Have Oober Small Ones. I Got Them From My Aunt When She Had A HUGE Iguana(Why Do I Keep Talking About Iguanas?) Well Anyway, It Takes up The Whole Wall, Im Set For A Huge Reptile.(Unfortunately A Python Or A Gator Is Outta The Question.) Im Trying Not To Sound So Ignorant About This Subject But I Dont Know How To Say What I Want To Say.


Answer #6

lilpoofle, I have to dissuade you from that notion right now – reptiles are not the same as goldfish, and their size does not depend on their environment. If you get a bearded dragon and it gets bigger than you expect, you’re not going to end up with a small cage and a small dragon. You’re going to end up with a large dragon in a small cage.

The eventual size a reptile will get varies from animal to animal, of course, but the size of your iguana had nothing to do with its enclosure.

I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, because bearded dragons can make amazing pets (probably the most petting-friendly reptile there is), but you need to know what you’re getting into. They also live for 15 years, so you;ll be taking care of this guy well into your late 20s.

Answer #7

and they do not reach two feet, bull. 1 1/2 maybee tip to tail.

Answer #8

Sounds like you’re good to go. I hope your dad approves. He’ll be a cool pet.

Answer #9

also, go to the site, repticzone. its forums based on reptiles and other animals, and there are caresheets

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