Why wont my bearded dragon eat ?

My bearded dragon is about 2 years old, he has been sleeping for about 2 months straight.He wont eat, or poop. The tank is 60 gallons the basking side is at 110 and the other side is at 90. We have the reptisun UV light and a red heat light. We also have him on the calcium sand. Please help me, I am so worried about him!!

Answer #1

Well, before he started sleeping all of the time I fed him Super worms, Lettuce with Calcium spray twice a week, Crickets, Roaches, and a slice of apple every now and then, but he never ate them. I have had the red heat lights since I got him. but I can change it if you think that will help. I have another beardie who is about a year old, he has the same diet, and the same cage setup, but he is fine. I dont understand why only one started doing this!

Answer #2

Maybe he’s constipated. Taking him to the vet would be your best bet. Are you just feeding him crickets? Maybe, try some fresh fruit? Could the red heat lamp be bothersome to him? If it’s a change you made recently from a none colored heat lamp then maybe. I’m not sure if that would cause him to stop eating. Are you sure he’s just sleeping? Haha, I wish I could be of more help. :(

Answer #3

a you sure hes not a she some lizards are known to stop eating when pregnant

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