Bearded Dragons

I used to have 1 but I heard that chameleons are way more docile then dragons or iguanas, is this true? because my dragon was handled well and it never ever tried to bite me or anything like that

Answer #1

No way … The Chams are Only for show and only to be Housed by an experanced Herper.

Dragons are one of the EZ breeds to care for and have a high stress hold. The moment you open a Chams cage they are stressed and aside from poor husbandry the number one killer in reptiles is stress.

Reptiles have natural parisites in their bodies that are kept in balance. the moment stress becomes a factor the parisites take over!

Chams are just like fish Great to look at but a no no to hold. That is one key factor why just about any one who sells chams does NOT offer a health garentee!

Answer #2

Depends on how often you hold any of them… If they are used to being held then it doesn’t matter on what you get..

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