How should I tell them I want ti cut

K well my scene hairstyles dont really work that well cause my hair hasnt been cut properly!!! I need it thinned and stuff… So tell me pplz. My hair is dark brown, thick, side fringe and yer I tink that is all… Lol. Well how should I tell them I want ti cute and what colours should I get?? Plus how much will it all cost averge??

Answer #1

I think you should have it layerd and have blond highlights it would really work on you cut it mid length just because its so hot out side well atleast here in texas, you should also maybe have them add some burgendy in it. It depends where you go just remember the better the salon the more expensive it could get. Look around your area and see which one would be best for you. Also make sure to tell the lady how you want it. Remember its your look

The best of luck too you

Answer #2

take as many pictures with you, of other peoples hair, so you can show them exactly what you want.

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