How can i tel my boyfriend to cut his hair?

How can I tell my boyfriend to get his hair cut without hurting his feelings , its a total mess Lool he eiher needs it cut shorter or into a style. I dont want to hurt his feelings.
please help meee

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say something like..."I think you would look totaly sexy if you had your hair like this." so that way its like letting him down easy and boosting his ego at the same time.

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you should ask him if you can cut his hair, my sister in law did that with my bro and he said yes

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agreed with jlbandbjb

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Talk to him about it. Be like..hey, have you ever thought about cutting your hair? and then if he says no.. then tell him maybe he should try it out. I mean..if he doesn't like it, it's not like it can't grow back. :)

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Tell him it looks great and you love that "just got out of bed" look but you know how it would look even better. Then take him to your stylist.

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I think you should scare him one morning by letting him awake to find you standing over him with a hedge scissor!! If he doesn't get the message then, just leave him for som1 more groomed.

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Don't try to tell him what to do. Guys DON'T like that. Let him figure it out on his own. If he wants it cut, he'll cut it.

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Why do you want to tell him what to do? Maybe he likes his hair in a "messy" sort of style. Some girls even do that. How about you just talk to him about it. If he wants it cut, he'll get it cut. If not, you may have to get use to his hair... trust me guys are very stubburn =/

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