I want to dye my hair...

Ok, well I want to dye my hair like really dark purple, almost blackish but in the light you can see like medium purple. is that possible? I dont want permanent but the just days there is..just to try. I dont know where to get that so can anyone tell me?

also if you think really dark purple wouldnt look go on me, tell me if I should cut my hair or do what to it for it to look good on me. if you think that, that wouldnt look good on me tell what dye would look good. I guess I want like gothic colors, no pink or bright colors. like black..dark puple..dark blue.. dark red.. etc…

Answer #1

hmm..id say that for u a red would look better.. but if not then I think you mean a burgandy color that goes with almost any skin color! and its a cool dark plum color! or reddish too! depends on your original hair color and the darkness or lightness of the coloring. you could cut your hair into razor sharp layers.. and straighten it.. and voala!!! your more goregeouz than eva!!


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