How do I explain how I want my hair cut?

Rightt. LOL, I know what style I want done for tomorrow (getting hair cut :D) But I don’t know how to describe, shall I show her the picca or tell her in words. How should I describe it :) x

Answer #1

Picture! I brought in a picture when I wanted mine done different. But if you have any comments on the hair, tell them!

Answer #2


Answer #3

Coolio :D Thankyys :D

Answer #4

Yess I agree with Mandyloo… Take the picture with you it would be easy for both you and the hair dresser…lol

Answer #5

Good luck - I’m getting my hair cut and colored this saturday - I’m going bright red.

Answer #6

Yes, bring her a picture. That is the easiet way for them to know exactly what you are talking about.

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