cutting my own hair

I want to cut my bangs. I have side sweept bangs right now but I want the kind you just comb forward and it’s not parted. I don’t know how to explain it. I’ll add a photo. ok the pic I uploaded is ugly but you get the idea. anyway thats the basic idea but I want it to be choppy. I’m freaking out though. I want to do it myself, I want to learn how so dont tell me to practice on someone else or seek a professional because that’s not going to happen. any tips?? I’m sooo nervous. I know to always cut less than you want, and don’t vcut your hair wet and cut up no cross cut. anything else? any personal experiences?

Answer #1

I just cut it and it looks freaking amazing!!! I love it, I am so happy.

Answer #2

I cut my hair before, it was my first time and I did great!!! Hope you do just as good. Good luck!! :) oh, and you do want to cut your hair wet, if not it’ll probably come out uneven.

Answer #3

I cut my hair once before and it looked totally awesome!! all you got to do is take your time and dont rush

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