Why everything is made for right handed people.

im left handed but I find out that everything is made for people straight handed. why is that.

Answer #1

I’m left handed! I’m not sure why everything is made for people right handed. It’s just more common like the people above said=) Left handed people are rare…we are special lol=)

Answer #2

Because that is the most commonly used hand. You can find things for left handed people because my sister is left handed, it’s just more difficult.

Answer #3

I think you mean right handed the main reason is becuase right handed people are the most common only 10% of the worlds population is left handed also there are things that are made for left handed people but because there arnt nearly as many of them as right handed people you have to look harder for certain things …most things can be used by people no matter what hand is ther dominant one but for the things like scissors and that you just have to look harder, there out there though

Answer #4

Because its more popular - there are some items specifically for left handers though (like left handed scissors).

Answer #5

…straight handed? Is that ‘right’ handed?

Answer #6

cos right hand is the common one used…

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