From Earth to Mars

Maybe in the future someone will make stairs to mars or plant some trees in mars then make stairs or escaletor to mars. What do you think? Is it possible? If me, maybe. If it’s really going to happen, real soon, I really want to visit there. But if I can’t maybe my grand kid, maybe. you?

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Yeah I think it’s going to be possible! And yeah I think maybe in da next 100 years (depends on our scientists) but when a lot of people go to Mars, be aware that maybe the stuff on earth are going to drop prices

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Peacemakin…: “Mars also has less oxygen then Earth which is a problem and limited h2o. “

That’s what I mean! if we plant some trees there maybe they will give oxygen/h2o to mars.

wilcat66…: You think is possible? WEll maybe, and not for 10 years ya know, it’s like for a 100 year or more.

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Well, its impossible to make a stairway to mars, because the planets move around the sun, but people will probably be going to mars in the next ten years

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Not really, if you step one foot on Mars, the air pressure there would cause you to explode and die instantly. So no one would want to risk their lives and try living on Mars if they knew they had zero chance of survival.

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