how long does a body take to decompose???

I was wondering, when you die how long does it take for your body to fully decompose??? I mean decompose right down to your skeloten?

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depends how the body was buried
I think muslim people bodies will decompose faster because they dont bury people in coffins if your in a coffin I think it would take abit longer

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It depends on how big the body is and how the weather is…

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if buried in coffin it takes about 40 or so years to fully decompose to bone.

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why do you want to know thsat

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if the body is well embalmed it can take years, I took classes in medicine to do this kind of work, and saw a body after 21 years of being buried and it looked the same as when it was buried, another example is a little Spanish girl who died and the father was so grief stricken he couldn’t bare to lose her, to this day she is in a glass coffin in a museum, and this happened in the 1800’s, so a well preserved body my last for many many years..

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I was wondering on that too. My mom and my sister both died ( my mom in 1980 and my sister in 1971 ). The only reason why I was wondering about the subject is. The thought of decomposition of a loved one. Would be far more emotionally hard on me. Than say having your loved one cremated ( like my dad was ).

Answer #10

if your in the ground, probably a few years depending on the meather and maggots, and the natural process that will happen when something dies in a coffin, probably longer because theres only air to decompose it

Answer #11

is cadaverine given off a dead body immediately after death? If not, how long would a body need to be dead to enable a sniffer dog to detect cadaverine had the body been removed?

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no silly, the question may sound like that but it’s not. It’s out of curiosity??? If I killed somebody I wouldn’t be a dumb and stick the question up on a blog site…STUPID!

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it all depends on the embalming technique used, I saw a tv show that had a little girl that had died like hundreds of years ago, and she looked like she did when she was alive. in the modern era it will take quite awhile for an embalmed corpse to fully decompose. a body without embalming- most likely a couple of weeks to a month would be my guess- if it has been buried. a body on the surface will decay faster- unless it is out in a snowbank of course.

Answer #14

Depending on the conditions of the area, the season, and weather, the body will begin decomposition immediately (AKA Initial Decay). The cells in your body automatically begin using their digestive enzymes to break down. Soon, during Putrefaction and Black Putrefaction the product (liquid flesh) will run down and set in livor mortis as your blood flows to the bottom of your body in the position you lay. There will be a great amount of bloating about 3 days after death that is caused by cadaverene and putrecine (gases caused by decomp). A few days later the bloating will go down after a leakage of the fluids begin and then Butyric Fermentation will take place. You will begin to turn black in open flesh areas and a whole variety of bugs should have infested the body by now. Anywhere from 86-365 days later you would become fully flatten and dried out in the final stage of death known as Dry Decay.

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It depends on climatic conditions, tropics or Antarctica? Buried or on top of the ground. Embalmed or not. Exhumed, embalmed bodies will have some skin and hair over 3 years. Bodies left out in the open or in shallow graves can decompose in less than 2 months.

Animal and bug activity take care of it pretty quickly on top of the ground.

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after a body has went through autopsy, and is imbaulmed, after buriel how long does the body to unthau and the skelleton starts to show I am studing to become a medical assistance or maybe medical examiner, and will I have to go to witness autopsy?

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