How long does abraisions heal on the leg?

Hello. sigh I’m thirteen years old, & I shaved my legs and rubbed pumice stone to make it a lot smoother (please don’t say, “are you that stupid?!” or something like that) and after I took a shower & my legs started getting red, & I thought it was just getting red and would go away. But the next day it started to dry out and brownish colour & Since that day I put ‘Hydrocortisone Cream’ and I put bandaid on the abraisions or the scrapes. How long does it take to heal? I have my Confirmation on Sunday and I really don’t want to have scars, or wounds on my legs because if my dad finds out. He’ll be really, really angry! Also, is it okay to put bandaid on my abraision, scrape on it to prevent scars? Are there other way to prevent scars?

Please, please help me! :’(

Answer #1

bandaids are not going to prevent scars… uhm and from my research on this, people cant agree whether to cover or not… personally on the hundreds of cuts I’ve had, I’ve never found it to make a difference why are you using hydrocortisone? try neosporin… and cuts and scrapes usually take atleast 2 weeks to completely fade… (well I mean there’s still scars, but relatively completely)

oh and I really wouldnt worry about your dad being mad, why would he be mad that you hurt yourself? it was an accident… even if you werent supposed to be shaving, it was an accident…

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