how long does it usually take for severed ligaments to heal?

ive been on crutches for 6 months now and its getting annoying and its still VERY painful1

Answer #1

In order to answer I need to know which ligament…

Answer #2

Cally, I assume it was severed and then sutured and that it is in a leg?

Answer #3

It depends on the severity of the injury. Generally, if it’s completely severed you can expect anywhere from 6 months to a year. It also depends on the ligament and if the ligament is still getting blood supply; if not, you’d have to get surgery. Physical therapy can facilitate the healing process and should be seriously considered.

Answer #4

ahhh my dog thats a mishh!

Answer #5

*god lol

Answer #6

yh its in my knee and i have noo idea tbh i wernt really with it lol

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