How long will this take to heal properly?

Ok, so I have bad luck.

I started running about a week ago, in order to get fit and into shape. I run about 4-5 km on average a day and obviously because I haven't been doing this in a while my legs are quite sore (which to me is normal)

HOWEVER yesterday my right foot started to hurt REALLY bad a while after I had my morning run. I didn't do any exercise for the rest of the day and by the night I could barely walk on it.

This morning however the pain was A LOT LESS and me (not the brightest thing I have done in my life) went running again. So basically I had to cut my run short and went wobbling home. (My foot is still really sore)

So what I actually want to know is if anyone knows what type of injury this is and how long it will take to heal?

Basically my foot only hurts underneath and only when I stand/walk on it. If can move my ankles and legs without feeling any pain.

I am going to the doctor today in any case to ask them for a prescription for asthma medicine, so I will get it checked out, but was just wondering if anyone has an idea of what injury it is.

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Thnx for the answer. lol. turned out I sprained my Achilles Tendon and I am not allowed to run (at least I can swim) for 1-2 weeks.

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Sounds like you may have sprained your foot or rolled it. Your G.P should be able to give you the exact medical terminology for this injury.

I don't think your action is silly at all to continue jogging the next the day even thou you were sore. Most people do not let a little bit of pain put them off doing things they enjoy, until the pain becomes too unbearable then they stop. :)

In the mean-time wrap an ice pack around your right foot every now and then. Also, try not to put too much weight on the foot. If possible minimise any walking and you should be ok in a week’s time. (I had the same injury whilst playing squash).

Wishing you a speedy recovery, so you can continue pounding the pavements and hope you reach the fitness level you are striving for.

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