How hitler brought germany into world war 2?

How hitler brought germany into world war 2?

Answer #1

First of all, it’s important that you understand Hitler did not actually plan on the entire world being at war during his first invasions. He envisioned a purely European war in which the United States would not participate. During this European war, the “Aryan” countries would be united, the Thousand Year Reich would gain more living space and resources for its people, and those people who the Reich considered inferior would be eliminated. He wrote later on that he believed a massive confrontation between the Nazis and the US would happen around 1980, for control of the world. THe reason Hitler declared war on the US was because Japan basically forced his hand through the Pearl Harbor attacks. Hitler could not afford to let Japan fight the US alone. I think deep down, Hitler knew Germany wasn’t ready for a war against the United States. If Hitler didn’t think that, many of his military staff certainly did.

Anyway, it’s important that we study the methods Hitler used to come to power and keep power in Germany during the 1930’s, because it teaches us how irrational dictatorship can thrive under the right conditions, and do incredibly destructive things. Hitler’s rise to power happened through a combination of quick and successful strikes against his many rivals, careful timing, making allies with the right people at the right times, and through a whole mythology and ideology of German nationalism that relied on symbols and political rallies to inspire people. The aftermath of World War I had made the German people very bitter about many things, and he also appealed to this general sentiment. He also kept power through reliance on police organizations like the SS and Gestapo that operated outside the boundaries of civil law.

By the time he started annexing neighboring territories, and sending troops into Poland, he had the support of the German people…some willingly, others by brute force.

Answer #2

well he did not bring germany into world war 2 .he was the one who started the world war 2.

Answer #3

By sheer ignorance..

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