Do you consider Germany a world leader?

Today is Germany’s Unification Day, when the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (better known as East Germany) officially joined with the Federal Republic of Germany to form a united country for the first time since the end of WW2.

Germany went through a lot of changes in the 20th century, and after two world wars and a massive depression, was occupied and divided. Now, 18 years after unification, the country has been one of the biggest supporters of European integration.

So do you think that after its checkered past, Germany is a true world leader, a country the rest of the world should look to as an example? Or does Germany’s role in world affairs need to be limited, acting only if the EU or the UN do so?

Answer #1

I think Germany is and certainly can be a world leader. I don’t think its somewhat checkered past should affect how it is viewed today in modern times.

Answer #2

germany should be viewed as a world leader, even though the history is tainted you must understand the germans are very smart and have strict rules about things that other countries should look up to. in some points germany is way better than the US.

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