Who fought who in World War II?

Well, I need to know for Social Studies because we have to cover our books with pictures of WWII and I don’t know who fought who. ahaa. Well, answers would be greatly appreciated! Thanks (:

Answer #1

Why should we do your work for you? Read book or two. But I’m in a good mood today. Basically the large allies (good guys) were Great Britain, France (and other occupied European countries), the USA, and Russia (and less importantly Freedonia and Upper Volta).. The axis (bad guys) were Germany, Italy and Japan (and less importantly, Borkmenistan, Arubia, and Sirri Lampuun).

Answer #2

See the part where it sayd “WORLD WAR”?? The US was at war with Japan and Germany…most of Europe was also at war with Germany (the Italians were allies of Germany, tho).


Answer #3

I believe it the nazis against the poles and then america went over their and stopped the holocaust and the war.

Answer #4

If you look IN the book, you can find a few answers.

Answer #5

central powers against the allied powers

Answer #6

i think Hitler fought with Stalin from Russia

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