Do you think Germany was to blame for the First World War?

Today, Germany made the final payment of war reparations demanded by the Allies in the Treaty of Versailles, as compensation mainly to France and Belgium. The treaty forced Germany to do a lot of things, but part of the treaty blamed Germany and its allies for starting the war. Everybody knows Germany played a big role in starting the Second World War…but is it fair to blame Germany for the first also?

Answer #1

Well in my history class we finished talking about the war and i don’t think Germany was the only one to be blamed. Apparently there were 5 causes for WWI - Militarism, Nationilsm, The Alliance system, Imperialism and the Assasination of Arch Duke Ferdinand. Germany was the one too surrender and i guess the treaty of Versailles came along with it. Over 3 percent of there soldiers were killed and something was going wrong with there population to make them surrender. So no i don’t think it’s fair to be only blaming them. Even if they did play the biggest role in starting the WWI, there were many other roles that had been played in WWI

Answer #2

germany was the main cause of WWI and WWII

Answer #3

Lol. It will depend on who you’re talking to and what history they learned. The U.S. does have a way of demonizing Germany. It falls into a very black and white way of viewing the world. No, Germany was not solely responsible for the first world war. They were not ‘evil’ people who simply wanted to take over the world. I’d even argue that the Germans were not solely responsible for WWII. If they’d not been crushed under the heavy reparations that the Allies demanded, the second world war may never have happened. Hitler was able to use the crippling economy to persuade the people of the injustices they were being put through.

Answer #4

intense answer ^^ (Y)

Answer #5

On the surface there doesn’t seem to be much of a cause to the war. It seems to be a big p!ssing contest between the alliances. The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand would have caused trouble between allied Austria-Hungary/Germany and their former ally Russia due to their opposing positions concerning the Balkans… but the ramifications stemming from the incident were far wider reaching for no good reason.

In my opinion… WWI was fomented by the house of Rothschild for two main reasons:

  1. To bankrupt the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and facilitate the expansion of the Rothschild banking dynasty through Lenin and Trotsky into the country.
  2. To drive the United States into debt… the newly created Federal Reserve was just sitting there waiting.

Banks love wars. It isn’t so far fetched. The reasons given for wars are often just excuses. The Rothschilds had banking wings throughout Europe by the early 18th century. It is widely known that they financed both Napoleon and his European foes. The Rothschilds and close associates the Warburg Brothers had their hands all over the till during the war. Kuhn Loeb Company… of which Paul Warburg… the person who wrote the bill that would become the Federal Reserve Act and a vice chairman of that institution… was a high ranking partner… also financed the Bolshevik revolution. Between 1918 and 1922… Kuhn, Loeb company received 600 million rubles worth of gold from them in payment. Paul’s brother Max Warburg… director of MM Warburg & Co. of Hamburg…was also head of the German Secret Service during the war. Max Warburg used his position of authority to allow Lenin safe passage through the German lines into Russia. The tsardom had remained steadfast in refusing the Rothschilds a foothold in Russia. After the Russo-Japanese war and WWI… the Tsar could not afford to fight the Bolsheviks and the tsardom fell. Stalin prevented the Mensheviks from fulfilling the Rothschild wish for a central bank and this was one precipitation for WWII. The west is still attempting to encircle Russia as noted in Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard.”

The fourth installment of an American central bank didn’t have to wait long to drive Americans into debt. The U.S. government gave generously to the war effort once the open line of credit was established. By 1914 the national income tax had to be established to back this new government debt. By 1917 America had entered the war and the central bank had another country willing to beat their plowshares into swords forfeited in the dying fields. Things have gone downhill ever since.

Answer #6

Interesting, I’ve never heard that theory before. I’ve heard of the Rothschild involvement in the Napoleonic Wars, but not WW1. I’m interested to know about evidence linking them to Lenin, and also to the US involvement in the First World War.

Answer #7

What I meant was, after Lenin came to power in Russia.

Answer #8

People cryout ZIONIST! when I speak of the Rorhchilds, but it is not Zioism, it is About the Bankers controlling the world. It is so clear when you follow the money trail, who really controls the World. I believe this theory. Thanks for posting.

Answer #9

I agree… follow the money.

Answer #10


In case you missed these two citations… I think they’re important ones

December 12, 1918… United States Naval Secret Service Report on Paul Warburg:

“WARBURG, PAUL: New York City. German, naturalized citizen, 1911. was decorated by the Kaiser in 1912, was vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Handled large sums furnished by Germany for Lenin and Trotsky. Has a brother who is leader of the espionage system of Germany.”

February 3, 1949… New York Journal American:

“Today it is estimated by Jacob’s grandson, John Schiff, that the old man sank about $20,000,000 for the final triumph of Bolshevism in Russia.”

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