Which World War was worse?

Which was worse World War One or two

Answer #1

both are worse,

Answer #2

World War 1 .

Because it was the cause which ultimately gave way to World War 2 which was more destructive then World War 1.

Answer #3

I believe on most scales world war 2 was a lot worse, a lot more casualties, a lot more money gone, more countries were involved and impacted, a lot more destruction (atomic bombs, cities destroyed ect)… Although economic growth in some countries was a lot better after world war 2… So I guess it depends on the way you look at it.

Answer #4

I agree with Captain.

…with regards to what?

Answer #5

If you’re talking about the impact on the people who fought and lived through each war, I’d say World War I was worse. You had all this new, 20th century technology and the leaders were using 19th century tactics, so the casualties in each battle were enormous. Because a lot of these weapons like artillery, tanks, machine guns, etc. were in their infancy, soldiers were disfigured and maimed in ways that weren’t as severe in WW2. You also had the issue of trench warfare which was downright miserable. And don’t forget the use of poison gas, a horrific experience that resulted in incredible death and destruction.

Answer #6

…with regards to what?

casualties? economic impact?

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