How do you overcome tumbling mental block?

I am going to tryout for allstar cheerleading. I have just about no experience. My main thing is, I can’t tumble. I did gymnastics for a little bit, but I had such a fear of falling it pysched me out and I did fall. I am afraid to go to tryouts because I’ll seem like a newbie loser. :( How do I overcome my tumbling mental block?

Answer #1

get angry. think about how much you want it and start practicing until you can just one time get up there and do it. after you get it once, youll know how to get it from there. just keep in mind you have to get over the block if you really want this to happen

Answer #2

tumbling is a huge part of cheer so I would suggest going back to the tumbing gym and trying agian. when your scard ask for a spot till you feel comfertaple then have them spot less and less each time so you will get comfertable with what your doing. your going to fall when your learing and pushing your self so you cant think about it. if you let it get to you it’s going to be very very difficult. I’m kinda going through something like that I’m manly a snowboarder but in the middle of this year I messed up on a jump and fractured my pelvis but I’m getting back so I can go up and do the jump again next year and get over the fear because I don’t want it to hold me back and you shouldn’t let it hold to back too.

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