What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

What is your favorite part of cheerleading?

Dance? Cheering? Stunting? or TUmbling?

Answer #1

hmmm I LOVE all of it but im gonna say stunting because its the one thing that makes people go “WOW”

Answer #2

I love stunting.And dancing and tumbling

Answer #3

I love three but my favorite would have to be a rele good dance you cant get no beta than that

Answer #4

I agree with watching

Answer #5

mine would be stunting since im a flyer

Answer #6

Being the cheer leader duh! It’s awesome if you ask me because I am one :)

Answer #7

mine is everythingg but the cheering part. I love dance, stunting, and tumbling.

Answer #8

hahaha funny. :)

Answer #9

Watching. Lol jk

Answer #10

Dance I’ve been in cheer for five years and I love danceing and stunting! Plus all the attention I get from being in cheer:) I love it

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