When will I overcome my shyness with my sport team?

Im really talkable at school and now with sports friends :-/

Answer #1

you will come out of your shell when you are good and ready. if your not comfortable with them yet then that could be why your shy. with time you will become more comfortable and more talkative. also sometimes you have to take a risk if they are talking add in the conversation, be the ice breaker.

Answer #2

You should just make little talk on the football team we always talk no matter who it is because most of us are friends and we talk to each other for teamwork.

Answer #3

yeah i total agree because i am a shy and quiet person to and i think u should just try to talk to them more and ,ore each day and you will see each day u are inpreving

Answer #4

Have confidence in yourself, I do a lot of karate tournaments and sometimes my dojo goes as a team so I try to have fun and the best time possible.

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