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Are you looking for martial arts upper west side? Then try Harmony By Karate martial arts school. Our school is most famous and comes among top-rated 7 karate schools in the US. We offer to children and adults karate martial arts techniques like breathing, yoga, inner development, and how to get physically and mentally strong at a reasonable price in upper west side NYC. To book your first session, you can visit our site or call us 646-387-2073.

About Harmony By Karate

Who we are

Welcome to Harmony By Karate, the premier martial arts school in Upper West Side, NY (UWS). Established in 1994, Harmony By Karate has been a leader in martial arts education for over two decades. Our school is dedicated to developing inclusive and empathic global leaders through the practice of martial arts.

With a focus on slow movements that maximize speed, power, and flexibility, our students not only learn self-defense techniques but also cultivate important leadership skills. We are proud to have been in partnership with the world-famous Reebok Sports Club for 20 years, solidifying our reputation as one of the top martial arts schools in the United States for both children and adults.

At Harmony By Karate, we believe in the power of martial arts to transform individuals and communities. Our philosophy is rooted in the ancient Japanese traditions of philosophical dialogues between students and teachers, creating a unique and enriching learning experience for all who walk through our doors.

What we Do

Harmony By Karate offers a comprehensive martial arts program that combines traditional techniques with modern leadership principles. Our classes are designed to not only teach self-defense skills but also to instill important values such as respect, discipline, and empathy.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced martial artist seeking to deepen your practice, our expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. From dynamic group classes to personalized one-on-one training, we offer a variety of options to suit your individual needs and goals.

In addition to our regular classes, Harmony By Karate also hosts special events, workshops, and seminars throughout the year. These events provide unique opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of martial arts philosophy, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to our vibrant community.

Why you should use us

There are countless reasons why Harmony By Karate is the best choice for your martial arts education. Here are just a few:

  1. Expert Instructors: Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in a variety of martial arts disciplines, ensuring that you receive top-quality instruction every time you step onto the mat.

  2. Holistic Approach: We believe in a holistic approach to martial arts education that focuses on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our classes provide a comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond just physical techniques.

  3. Community Engagement: Harmony By Karate is more than just a school - it’s a community. We foster a supportive and welcoming environment where students can connect with each other and grow together.

  4. Proven Track Record: With over two decades of experience and a top rating in the US, Harmony By Karate has a proven track record of success. Joining our school means joining a legacy of excellence.

  5. Leadership Development: Our unique leadership program sets us apart from other martial arts schools. Through our Philosophy of the Week discussions and leadership training, students develop valuable skills that will benefit them both inside and outside the dojo.

What can you ask?

Visitors to Harmony By Karate are encouraged to ask any questions they may have about our programs, philosophy, or community. Here are a few examples of common questions:

  • How do I get started with classes at Harmony By Karate?
  • What age groups do you cater to?
  • Can I try a class before committing to a membership?
  • Do you offer private lessons?
  • What sets Harmony By Karate apart from other martial arts schools?
  • How can I get involved in community events and workshops?
  • Are there opportunities for advanced training or competitions?

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