Can I be a cheerleader?

Can I still do cheerleading even though I didnt go to a tumbling school to learn the backflips or the different tumbling stunts because I really want to be a cheerleader

Answer #1

I am a cheerleader for miami northwestern senior high and it doesn’t matter that you can’t tumble because that is not that important in cheerleading it’s all about sticking your motions and smiling and just having fun

Answer #2

“tumbling school” never heard of it…wow..u meen gymnastics…probably not…at least to make the team you probably do…unless your extremely peppy and have amazing cheers…but yea…

Answer #3

yess you can still be a cheerleader… I have been flipping since I was 7, but some girls are new on my cheer team and they are really good… and they don’t tumble.. so no matter what, try it out

Answer #4

I suppose you could, just join a cheerleading club first, learn to do the tricks and make friends. Don’t go for extreme cheerleading where they do back flips and the lot. Or you could join a dance class - hip hop is a good form of dancing, better than cheerleading.

However, you seem to be really wanting to become a cheerleader - is it because all the popular girls are and you want to be one?? You need dedication to be one.

So I advise you ask your gym/sports teacher what it involves etc. And how you can start as a beginner. Everyone has had to start somewhere.

Answer #5

Usually when your in cheerleading they make you. Like our JV and Varsity team has to do tumbling once a week. Even if you have your stuff. Usually if you come prepared to tryouts and have that you’ll make varsity.but no it doesn’t matter if you can or not because they do other stuff.besides that.

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