How do you know if your hymen is broken

I am 16 and a virgin and I have been with my boyfriend for 8 months and I want my first time to be with him. My question to you is how can I break my hymen without the pain or bleeding, and how will I know if its broken?

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the sex is going to hurt anyway your first time. hymen broken or not. and there could be possible bleeding. when you ahve sex the guys penis is stretching the walls of your vagina. and it depends on the size of his penis and how lose or tight you are, which will determine how much blood and how much pain there will be. just saying.

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I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now and the only thing I've ever let him do is finger me but he never actually goes in because it hurts but the last time it was the same thing and he kind of went in and when I went home dere was a lil spot very very small of blood hardly noticeable and it was really realy light but I dont think it was my hynem and I really hope it wasnt :(

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theres a number of ways you can break it I broke mine when I was riding my bike and didnt even know until 2 months later when I went to the doctor,,, if your not sure just go to the doctor and hell be able to tell you right away

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finger yourself hard or use an object to break it, you'll know its broken when a lil bit of blood comes out

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don't listen to ez8o5...either way it'll hurt.

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I.m 13 and I remember when my cherry popped I was doing the splits and I didn't even notice I had done it until I went in the shower as it stung slightly. I could see a small read tear down the middle.

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honestly, it hurts like hell. I broke my own hymen so it wouldnt hurt so much during sex, but I still bled a little bit the first few times. it wasnt NEARLY as painful as the first. and ull know because you will see it missing, and you can no longer feel it if you were to finger urself. and to caramelgirl, maybe he wasnt all the way in? or was in a better position? no idea on that one lol.

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I did with a thing half the size of a hair brush and no pain whatsoever.
best to try a sealed end if a pencil first then keep going up in size worked for me.
if there was any pain you will just feel uncomfterble in your spleen

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does anybody on here have msn messenger to talk privatly about this stuff?:$

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im still a virgin but im in love and I think im ready...I dont want to hear "you should wait" because I already know. I have that in mind already. What I wanna know is how do I break my own hymen because when I lose my virginity I dont want to bleed because that will be embarrassing. so how can I break it so that way I wont bleed on his bed or something?

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Well me and my boyfriend usually touch eachother up etc he used to finger me and stuff but without putting his finger up me I asked him one day to do cause I wanted to break my hymen before sex because I heard it doesnt hurt as much so when I went round his house he done it and my hymen has never been stretched or anything but IT REALLY HURT I was in pain for about five minutes I was fine after the pain had gone I knew he had broken my hymen because I heard a pop and when I asked him if felt like he was pushing through something he said yes I also checked myself out in the mirror before I had skin covering my vagina and when I checked it was gone. The next day it didnt really hurt but it did when I went to the toilet and stuff a week later I was fine I still havent lost my virginity but we're planning on having sex together soon sometimes I push my finger inside of me and it doesnt hurt anymore it does after a while because im not used to it but the weirdest thing is I never had any blood after he had broken it so now im not really worried about having sex for the first time. I hope this helps :)

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yeah, of course its going to hurt a little the first time whether it is with your guy or not. and you will definitely know when it is broken

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Mine broke when I was 5. I slipped off of a tramopline and ended up straddeling the bar. Major pain.

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I have had sex like 10 times with different people and I noticed that my hymen was brocken well I thought because the 2nd guy I had sex with had a big peniss when errect, I went to the doctors for a full check up like a yearly one and the doctor said my hymen isnt brocken, I was surprised because I had blood on my undies why hasnt it brocken yet :(?

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I wouldn't do that with him at sixteen. You will regret it in the future when you are older. You may think that he is the right guy right now, but you will only know that he is right for you if he is willing to wait to get married with you to take your virginity. The pain and discomfort should not be your concern, but waiting should be your concern. I'm almost 18, and I never even let a guy or girl finger me. You will feel proud of yourself if you have a lot of respect for your body and for your future.

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I have fingered my self with my big finger, but there was no bleed, please tell me if I am still virgin.

I just thought of this
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like besides fingering urself and the docter what else could you do to figer it out? like is there a certain size of tampon that deffinatley lets you know when you broke it? or something?

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When I first did it, I didn't bleed. Here's the weird thing, the first time we did it, it took him 2-4 movements (him moving his penis in) and he pulled up quickly and ejaculated (I guess he was excited slash nervous since it was his first time with me as it was for me)and I DIDN'T bleed at all. Second time we did it, I was on top and when I pushed myself in, it HURT so bad that I had to pull myself out. I bled after that. I was so shocked. We had sex 3rd, 4th time and I still bled. Now we had sex more than 5 times but less than 10 times and I bleed no more. So could it be possible to break my hymen (when it's proven that I bled) on the 2nd attempt of having sex and I continue to bleed (just a little, unlike that of the period)during the 3rd, 4th time I had sex? Why is it so? Plus, I got my period soon after that so I'm fine. Just wondering why I only bled during the 2nd time and not the first. Thanks!

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ok so I didnt bleed the first time I had sex cause he was not big enough but the second time I bled for about 4 days, so next time we have sex will I bleed since it bled so much last time?! Please help me on this one I am scared it will happen again.

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I understand the having respect for your body but I love him and he loves me and his birthday is coming up.I want to have sex with him and again I'm ashamed that when we do have sex I'll bleed and he will be shocked. But yea how do you know if you cherry popped

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I think you will know when it hurts. im still a virgin and im not trying to have sex until im ready but I think I broked my hymen by trying to do splits. but da question is will I still bleed if I have my first try?

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you'll at likely feel it. your boyfriend probably won't be able to tell so I wouldn't worry about it. it might not even hurt, it didn't for me.

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Hey guys. I'm kinda scared to have sex. Actually I have to say that I'm not worried at all. I'm very religious. I'm gonna wait till like marrige. And you guys just be calm, Don't worry.It'll be fine, I hope. Lets not worry about this stuff until it actually happens. Alright.? PCE OUT MY PEEPS!

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I let my boyfriend finger me, and when I got home I realised a small drop off blood in my underwear. is this caused by my hymen breaking? :S
the day after I took a kidney infection as well. is this related too ?

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