how can doctor say whether your hymen is broken and you r not virgin?

I have not got my periods for last 3 months and my boyfriend does fingering once a week if I go to a doctor with my mother will she say that my hymen is broken because m not virgin

Answer #1

jodyd is right about being young with irregular periods. however, I had my hymen popped by being fingered. but its unusual, just for some reason happened to me. However, im 15 and having sex with my boyfriend and my mom doesnt know and she is taking me to get a physical and a pap smear which is where they can check to see if the hymen is broken, but what im going to say is it popped during soccer season, I have a friend that fell on that bar on a bike and popped hers, it can happen all types of ways, but they cant tell if you have had sex, unless you are pregnant or have stds. you should be fine, hope this helped !

Answer #2

how do you tell if its broken?

Answer #3

If you are young periods can be illregular like that The doc is not going to check your hymen or say anything about it It should not break by fingering It can break by playing sports and activity like that

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