How do I know if my arm is broken or just fractured?

My arm is Cainda purple and all in the upper part of it, but I can move it and bend it, My cousinn said that it looks broken because it gets purple when the bones arent alright. But then my ounty said it was just fractured. It does hurt. But then my cousin said that there can be broken bones and sometimes you don’t feel it is that true?

Answer #1

you see a doctor and get it x-rayed

Answer #2

A bone fracture is a broken bone…

And there’s no way to tell. Purple just means a bruise. That doesnt mean anything. I broke my arm and refused to go to the doctor for 3 days, it hurt but I didnt know it was broken. I could still move it and stuff and it didnt hurt as much as I figured a break would. Yes, your arm could be broken and you dont know it… You should probably get it checked out…

Answer #3

its prob not broken if yu can move it, and just because its purple doesnt mean its might just be bruised, but get it checked out

Answer #4

If it is difficult for you to see a doctor, then go see your school nurse for good advice. If she says to go to a doctor, then do so.

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