When should you grow out of playing with toys?

right my cousin is going CRAZY what age should you grow out of playing with toys like bratz and high school musical,cheetah girls and sylvanian families she threw away her dolls when she was 10 because she thought it was too “babyish” for a 10 year old now she has just turned 13 yesturday and wants too buy toys and dolls again but she thinks she is too old and dosent know what other people will say.

Answer #1

Lol, I am 16 and when I was younger I loved like barbies and stuff like that! But when I was 13 I stopped. I even feel the urge to play with them every once in a while now! Lol. But you just don’t always grow out of toys. Sometimes it is good to be a kid again before you get too old… like in you 40’s or somethin…lol… but yeah I think it normal to still play with that stuff once in a while.

Answer #2

i dont think you ever grow out of toys :] my friends are all turning 16 this year and they are OBSESSED with high school musical, hannah montana, ect.

Answer #3

Its perfectly normal, u never really grow out of it I think. I’m 15 and I have a few friends that are OBSESSED with High School Musical and I still sleep with with stuffed animals and watch cartoons liek Aurther and another friend of mine still sleeps with her baby blanket. I don’t think she should worry about it, if her friends think she to babyish she probably need to find better friends.

Answer #4

I growed out of playing with toys when I was 9

Answer #5

nobody grows out of toys, I am 14 and still have baby dolls. barbies, stuff animals and everything, i dont think i will ever get rid of them

Answer #6

there is not an age you grow out of toys when you dont like them any more!

Answer #7

you never do really.i am 13 and enjoy playing with sylvanian family toys and cuddly toys.

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