How do you feel about Michael Moore?

What are your opinions on Michael Moore? Is he just a liberal looking to make a buck and be radical, like Ann Coulter? Or do you believe what he says?

Answer #1

Michael Moore is quite good and his documentries raise a lot of interesting points. People watching him should keep in mind that it is liberal polemic rather than objective analysis. He represents a liberal position. His material is generally factual though a few times he went too far.

He has his detractors, some people try to pick apart all of his arguments though his opponents are hardly objective themselves; they are conservative polemic and since they know they are preaching to the choir they are less careful with facts than Mr. Moore.

Ann Coulter’s game is to shock. I doubt that even Ann Coulter believes everything Ann Coulter says. Sometimes she says shocking things to get attention to promote books. Other times she says things other conservatives are thinking but don’t have the guts to say. She also serves as a lightening rod to draw fire against less provocative conservative pundits. When Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot everyone attacked her. When Maureen Dowd says Democrats are “Girly Men” nobody has a fit. Same basic message.

Michael Moore always brings interesting points to public debate; Ann Coulter brings venom, intolerance, and hate.

Answer #2

HE IS A FLAMING IDIOT!!!!! his interviews are cut to shreds to make the interviewees look like idiots. HE doesnt get any of his facts straight. PLUS next time he does a documentary he should at least tyr to do some reasearch.

P.S Ann Coulter is my hero

Answer #3

He’s liberal all right, but there is a big difference between Ann Coulter and Michael Moore. Coulter spews and foments hate. Michael Moore does not. Any objective person looking at both people would agree to that.

Answer #4

NOT MUCH……..but he’s still breathing so there’s hope.

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