How do you guys feel about polls?

For those that don’t know, a poll is basically someone calling you to ask a series of questions related to politics to provide a general consensus about what the people feel about a particular topic. Well for one, do you feel that polls help?

Answer #1

I think polls are very helpful, but not when they call at dinnertime. It’s preferable to receive a poll by mail, that you can fill out on your own time, but yes, I think polls help the government to better understand the people and what they want/need/expect.

Answer #2

The only problem with polls on the mail is the time-frame in which people change their minds. With the mass mailing and waiting for it to get to it’s recipient and then waiting for it to be returned, which sometimes, doesn’t happen. Public opinion can change.

Answer #3

I’ve always wondered whether polls reflected actual feelings of people, or if they some how influenced voting and opinion after the poll results have been announced…

Answer #4

I think polls can too easily be made up! how do we know if they are telling us the truth. I think they are made to sway public opinion.

Answer #5

There’s a right way to do polls, and there’s a wrong way. Polls that ask slanted questions and don’t get a good sample of the population are worthless. But properly done polls can give insight into how people are thinking. I think polling has gotten much more accurate than it was in the past.

Answer #6

i don’t really like them especially when they ask you unrealted questions, like i had a poll about learning skills scotland and then they asked me what religion i was and what sexuality i was…

Answer #7

I generally disregard them. Like Ty suggested… I think that they have at times been referred to in effort to ostracize dissident opinion. Personally… I have observed enough contradicting poll results to draw the conclusion that they are without merit.

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