What do you guys feel about Missouri passing a law directly against "Obamacare"?

It’s known as Proposition C and the voters overwhelmingly passed the law which will take effect in 2014.

Answer #1

I feel like, Missouri kicks ass and I want to mose there. I’ll see if I have any pictures on my computer of me in my “IMPEACH OBAMA” shirt. ; Damn, I have to re-read everything I type and fix it because we cant edit yet. =/ POOP!

Answer #2

Damn, I didn’t fix “move”. XD

Answer #3

Haha, it goes against “mandating healthcare or you’ll get fined if you don’t” on the “Obamacare” lol.

Answer #4


Answer #5

Here’s that shirt picture I promised you. :D

Answer #6

Only one I could find. :/

Answer #7

Sounds like the much anticipated opening salvo I’ve been waiting for. I’m ignorant of the law… but if it targets the excise tax portion… good for Missouri.

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