I feel sorry for the kids in Africa

I fell sorry for the kids in Africa I am happy for what I have because I am an african american. Do you care ?, yes or no

Answer #1

Yes, I care. There is a program at http://www.freerice.com/ where you can answer questions to have so many grains of rice donated. It’s a nice way to do the little you can and hope it gets to those in need.

And yes, I am very concerned about the welfare of American children too. We can certainly do better than what we’ve been doing.

Answer #2

yes I care. But american kids are on the streets to. Im not racist but shouldnt us americans get our own off the streets and fed? And then go to another country and help them?

Answer #3

Yes I feel bad for everything thats going on or has gone on in africa. I think people need to rethink about fighting a war or all the materalistic things people buy in our daily lives without realizing it and worry more about the people dying in africa.

Answer #4

armies in africa wont help we need more education there… and fewer corrupt leaders…

Answer #5

I think everybody cares about it our troops should be helping in africa, not iraq

Answer #6

Yes, I care about it.

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