How do you make your period go away faster?

all I wnna kknow is how can I make it go away faster…

Answer #1

Dear kayla17, If you are not the pill the average time of a period can be 4-10 days for teens. Speak with your doctor there are birthcontrol that will allow you a period only one or two times a year. Sue…good luck

Answer #2

mine only lasts 3days;; I guess im lucky :)

Answer #3

Also, try a heating pad. It helps encourage blood flow to the area to flush it out faster. It does this by dialating the blood vessels and encouraging blood flow. Keep in mind that it will be heavier while you are doing this, but it can help. Also, regular excercise and lots of clear fluids also helps.

Answer #4

I like to drink a lot of water, I’m not sure if it REALLY works…but I like to make myself think it does. ~L

Answer #5

run up and down then stairs for 5 minutes

Answer #6

dont eat junk food because that makes it longer and drink a lot of water!! it workss!!!

Answer #7

Swimming can relieve cramps and I have noticed it actually makes a period go away a lot faster.

Answer #8

You can make it go faster or skip it all together if you go on hormonal birth control.

Seasonal makes you have periods only 4 times a year.

Lybrel makes it so you don’t have any periods. (but most women have a light period every few months anyways)

Since I’ve been on the pill (ortho cyclen) my periods usually only last 2-3 days.

See your health care physician or visit a gynecologist clinic.

xox Sika

Answer #9 can’t..

Answer #10

you should excirsise for about 30 minutes a day and it will help also drink lots of water and dont drink liquids with caffine.

Answer #11

Umm, exactly how will that make her period end?

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