How to make cramps go away fast?

I got my period today and I have bad cramps… do you no any secrets how to make them go away?

Answer #1

Drinking a lot of water~~

Answer #2

Eat something with iron in it.

Answer #3

pemprin or midol and talk a long HOT shower

Answer #4

milk. drink a lot of milk. it helps mine. or lay down on a heating pad, or put a warm washcloth on your stomach. the heat helps too…

Answer #5

midol and water will help and just lay down and relax it help when I have bad cramps

Answer #6

Midol or ibuprofen

and a hot water bottle on your lower back or stomach…whicever works best.

Also try getting some excercise…jogging or cycling, it’ll ease away the pain.

Oh and another thing, if cramps are REALLY unbearable, rather use pads then tampons the first two days of your periods…tampons can cause cramps to worsen.

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