How can I make my period start faster?

I’ve had one period before so don’t really know anything about it. This one is already a month and a half late, but are these symptoms of it? Here are my symptoms:

  • diahrrea
  • mood swings
  • headaches
  • stomach cramp
  • backache
  • slight feverishness and loss of appetite But I feel better today. Does this mean it’s not coming? Is my period likely to be coming again now? How can I make it start sooner because I hate waiting and not knowing what’s going on inside of me..
Answer #1

you may wanna see a doctor for those symptoms cause I dont think thats very normal. so yah it may be coming soon but I cant be sure. good luck with that and go see a doctor!

Answer #2

well thoose sytoms do seem like period sytims but if you have already had a period then see a doctor you cant make a period start faster you body needs time to do all the changes to the body beofore it can do some other really big changes like making you have the stages to make your way into the adult way of life like acculy starting your period and all that type of stuff just give your body all the time it needs if your that eger to get your period it might just be around the conner so dont think its ages away just be patient it might not be as long as you think so all my advice is see and doctor and be patient

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