Girls, how can I make my period go away?

Ok so I’ve had my period for 4 days now. usually on the 3rd day it starts getting much lighter and goes away by the 4th or 5th day. but its not getting any lighter!! I go to the club every thursday night, and I NEED it to be gone by then. does anyone have any suggestions on how to move it along or lighten it (if possible) help!??!

Answer #1

No, the doctor won’t prescribe birth control JUST for that. But birthcontrol is good anyway. ESPECIALLY if you don’t want a baby.

I know some highschool freshmen who take birth control.

If your old enough to go to a club and aren’t ready for a child, you should take birth control.

Answer #2

Birth control could do it but your doctors not going to prescribe it to you for that! And it takes time for it to kick in. But yeah just use tampons or stay at home for this thursday if it’s not gone by then.

Answer #3

hi mm your period is almost like mine and I dont think you can thake it off like that try drinking a cup of limon I’ve tried and it tkes it away but omg later your stomach hearts like hell but well it takes it away

Answer #4

You cant just make it go away - I wish it was that simple. Just take lots tampons and you’ll be fine.

Answer #5

You can’t make them go away. Just wait. It might be gone by then. If not, take tampons and Midol (to get rid of nasty cramps). Or, take a Thursday off. Watch a movie or something instead!

Try birth control. Most will make you periods lighter or you’ll have fewer. Talk to your doctor.

Answer #6

hey if I knew I would tell you seriously I wish periods would go away but they don’t srry>>>

Answer #7

drink vineqar Ndd it will go away.

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