Re:parents and wicca.

Ok first everyone that gave me advice I thank you but I tried talking to my parents and I did tell them its like being one with nature and they just wont understand, and second how do I practice it openly if I cant get books herbs candles etc. If I cant get to stores without them?

P.s. My parents are strong believers in christianity and the whole its the only way so how will them come to terms with this?

Answer #1

It appears your parents, rightly so, want you prepared to face eternity - I can definitely understand.

Answer #2

If you can’t practice RESERCH! Learn more so in the future when you are able to practice you will have more knowledge. I am in the same situation as you are.

Blessed Be.

Answer #3

I suggest you talk to your parents. because your belief is really important and they cannot make you deny your beliefs. but if they imply that you are not to practice the religion under their parenting then you’ll have to wait to reach upon the age of independence. I would say you should research about Wicca if practice is forbidden.

blessed be.

Answer #4

this is where the strength of your beliefs are going to be put to the test, if you are making your own money- you should be able to purchase the books and supplies that you need. and I assume that you do have friends, they may be able to pick up any supllies that you need. you are not harming anybody or yourself, merely seeking to believe what you want to believe- it will be tough, there will be screaming most likely- remain calm and do not get baited into a shouting match. there will always be the ‘ignorant zealots’ that believe witchcraft is evil- let them think what they want- truthfully- islam and christianity are the sources of ‘negativity’ and ‘evil’ thoughts and actions in this world.

Answer #5

It may just be that you won’t be able to fully envelope yourself in your new faith until you’ve reached an age to be more independent.

That doesn’t mean that, in the meantime, you can’t research Wicca and prepare yourself for that time. There’s a whole world of information on Wicca right here on the internet - take advantage of it!

Answer #6

have they been making you practice the christianity? Perhaps be resistet to it. Just wait for awhile; until you can get away from them, to practice steady wicca.

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